In this episode, we bring our favorite bad lyrics from 1990 – 1999. One song from a group who don’t quite understand the meaning of bizarre.  And another from an artist who likes to rattle off a lot of ladies names in no particular order.


Episode2 What the Lyric – the 90s


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Becky Morrette and Matthew Seymour




[Becky Morrette]: Welcome to what the lyric, the podcast that confirms, yeah, that actually made it to radio.




[Becky Morrette]: Welcome to episode two of what the lyric where we dub into the really bad lyrics of the 90s. The 90s for me, that’s when I graduated high school and went to college in San Francisco. So, let’s see how much of the 90s I remember. How about you Matt?


[Matthew Seymour]: You know, I also don’t remember much of the 90s, admittedly, for different reasons.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymour]: Particularly since I was born in 1990.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, Jesus.


[Matthew Seymour]: [Laugh] So I remember from about 95 on, and music was definitely not on my radar.


[Becky Morrette]: That’s about when I remember it because I had stopped with the weed and the alcohol by then.


[Matthew Seymour]: You stopped? Once I found it. I never stopped.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh my God. That’s another story. Off mic in case my parents are listening.

Yeah. My mother, side note, my mother, by the way, one time we were, she’s going to love that I’m telling this. We were leaving a mall when I’d come home from school. And I looked over and I swear to God, the people in the car next to me were smoking a bowl. And my mom goes, I said, Dad, “are they smoking a bowl?” My father, being a high school teacher, knew the slang and my mom was like ´´smoking a bowl? How do you smoke out of a bowl? It’s a bowl, I don’t understand how you smoke out of this´´. And my father, very quietly said ´´You brought it up, you explain it´´.

[Matthew Seymour]: [Laughs]


 [Becky Morrette]: I didn’t. I didn’t at all.


[Matthew Seymour]: God bless your parents.


 [Becky Morrette]: A bowl? What? I don’t understand how you smoke out of a bowl.


[Matthew Seymour]: How do you do something like that.


[Becky Morrette]: That is Ridiculous. What do mean? you can’t. there is now to smoke it get something in a bowl. So, yeah, so that’s enough about my mom.


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: she’s going to kill me. Yeah.


[00:02:12] inaudible


[Matthew Seymore]: What do you remember of the 90s music scene?


[Becky Morrette]: So at that point we, I, we I remember, Oh, this is a good one. I remember seeing I think it was house of pain and biohazard and somebody else on the same bill and that that was a big I don’t know. That was early on in the night in the in the 90s.

I remember like Smashing Pumpkins. I remember Nirvana, all that all that stuff. Plus, I also remember In synch, the Backstreet Boys, the Brittany’s. Oh, my God.


[00:02:53] inaudible


[Matthew Seymore]: Now you are talking my language.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh yeah. Oh, it’s bad. It’s just bad.


[Matthew Seymore]: Who loves the 90s? We love.


[Becky Morrette]: I totally love the 90s and the 80s. There were a few in there that I was like, wow. I when doing the research for this, I was like, whoa, I forgot ice ice baby with ninety-one.


[Matthew Seymore]: Wow.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: I did not realize this.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. I mean. Hello. Talk about awful.


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: But yet everybody knows it. And when that shit comes on everybody’s up there dancing along.


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m already dancing.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. You can’t not. You see you see the hair also M.C. Hammer.



[Matthew Seymore]: What? What?


 [Becky Morrette]: Yes. Can’t touch this.


[Matthew Seymore]: As in Yeah. Which was why in I’m.


[Becky Morrette]: 90? I think. Right on there.



[Matthew Seymore]: Wow!


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yep. 90. I also saw him in San Francisco because he’s an Oakland guy. It was right when he was kind of switching over to try and become hardcore. And then people were yelling. I felt so bad for the man. People were yelling stuff like You ain’t shit. Ice-T is better. Like, whoever it was at the time, I can remember. And I was like, come on, man.



[Matthew Seymore]: It’s M.C. Hammer, give him give him a break.


[Becky Morrette]: You had those hammer pants? We all had hammer pants.


[Matthew Seymore]: We all had photos of it.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, my God. I still remember mine purple. Love those freaking pants.


[Matthew Seymore]: They looked comfortable.


 [Becky Morrette]: They were. I totally want some more now.I’m not going to lie because those things are great for Lounging. The Hammer, I’m trying to think who else was there? There was a bunch, but yeah those I was like, for real?


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh yeah. The number one song when I was born was Sinead O’Connor’s,  Nothing compares to you.


[Becky Morrette]: Let me just say, but that’s Prince.


[Matthew Seymore]:Yeah but this was Sinead O’Connor’s cover.


[Becky Morrette]: I now I know. It’s Prince though. I love Prince. I can’t help it.


[Matthew Seymore]: You are not feeling the Sinead O’Connor?


[Becky Morrette]: I do. You know, I have that album. She had a couple other good songs on that.


[Matthew Seymore]: Didn’t realize it.


[Becky Morrette]: But I cannot remember. Yeah, I said album I actually have a CD. Album/Cd it’s all the same to me.


[Matthew Seymore]: [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: So which way did you skip? Did you go like metalish, like nirvanai? Or did you go pop?


[Matthew Seymore]: So here is how things shake out for me. I basically grew up Amish, not actually, but very little musical knowledge.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, my God. Please tell me you did some like sort of. Biblical church song.


[Matthew Seymore]: I knew a lot of, oh my gosh, I could tell you so many Christian single, like Pop singles.


[Becky Morrette]: Strippers.


[Matthew Seymore]: Savage Gardens.


[Becky Morrette]: Which I believe I saw in concert. I’m not sure, though, that’s been a while.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh, I’m going to have to think it’s Stacy. Oh, I need to think of. There were there are a lot of people who crossed over.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, they were.


[Matthew Seymore]: from Christian Pop to


[Becky Morrette]: Oh yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: just General pop.


[Becky Morrette]: Creed.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yes! There we go.


[Becky Morrette]: I don’t think there was a crossover at all.


[Matthew Seymore]: It was just.


 [Becky Morrette]: I think that guy was a horn dog working every angle to become a pop guy.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, Katy Perry did the same.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, my God. I didn’t know that.


[Matthew Seymore]: But that was not in the 90s.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh my god.


[Matthew Seymore]: So my musical knowledge basically spanned from the Beatles to


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[00:06:16] inaudible


[Matthew Seymore]: Clearwater Revival. Those were my parents


[Becky Morrette]: classic years.


[Matthew Seymore]: the entire Gap of 80s and 90s up until my sister started driving, and that was when I got the taste of  In Synch, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Savage Garden, 98 degrees.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh! yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: That grouping. She left.


[Becky Morrette]:Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]:Like graduated left town. Another gap, I started driving, and that was 2007 onwards, so.  




[Becky Morrette]: Oh my God that’s awesome.



[Matthew Seymore]: I had to do some research for this and I did choose one that like, was something I definitely encountered on the radio quite a bit,


[Becky Morrette]: Oh my god.



[Matthew Seymore]: Everyone encountered on the radio.


[Becky Morrette]: I can’t wait because I wonder if I’ll get it because there’s you know, some blacked out moments in that decade for me.


[Matthew Seymore]: I Fully expect that within the first three lines you will know exactly what song this is.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh. Okay. You may get mine.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh, I hope so.


[Becky Morrette]: You may. I have two but, the one is really easy. And that was ninety-one. And I had to look back at my yearbook and I thought I think this was our song, like the song that we chose, which would have been frightening if it was, but it wasn’t. It was just as bad, but it was not.


[Matthew Seymore]: Wait, the song you chose for graduation?


[Becky Morrette]: No. For like you have like for our yearbook. And oddly enough, there is a yearbook back there. It’s not my graduation year, but it’s one. It’s  hilarious, I think it’s eighty nine, So it doesn’t play well into the 90s. But you the senior class got to pick like favourite car, favourite colour, best song, their favourite song. And the one that I think we chose was I want your sex.


[Matthew Seymore]: Amazing.


[Becky Morrette]: Why not? Why not? Why wouldn’t a bunch of horny 17 & 18 year olds pick I Want Your Sex by George Michael, who at that point no one thought was gay, which is another, I don’t know how we missed that one as well.


[00:08:24] inaudible


[Becky Morrette]: White kids in upstate New York. No one gay. What?


[Matthew Seymore]: This was a New York City for crisis sake.


[Becky Morrette]: No. No. We all thought RuPaul was a woman.




  1. Some people did.


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: So, Yeah. So, I don’t think I’m going to do that one. I think I’m going to do the other one.


[Matthew Seymore]: What’s the year?


[Becky Morrette]:This one’s ninety five.


[Matthew Seymore]: Ok.


[Becky Morrette]: Maybe. Maybe.


[Matthew Seymore]: ok I was aware.


[Becky Morrette]: You might. Ok.


[Matthew Seymore]: I think I’m ready whenever you are.


[Becky Morrette]: There is a video. This might give it away, but I’m going to say it anyways. The singer looked a lot like The Rock with more hair. All right brother Palaye in the back. Sweet Xena in the front. Cruising down the freeway in the hot, hot sun. Suddenly red, blue lights, flash us from behind, loud voice booming. Please step out onto the line. Palaye preaches words of comfort. Xena just hides her eyes. Policeman taps his shades. Is that the Chevy 69?

How bizarre? how bizarre? how bizarre? Which is the name of the song? By the way.


[Matthew Seymore]: Wait, I have not heard this song,


[Becky Morrette]: OK,


[Matthew Seymore]: Ever.


[Becky Morrette]: Just go ahead and look up the, Just look up, it’s OMC, is the name of the band. How bizarre, is the name of the song? And you will know when I say he looks like The Rock, like he’s related to The Rock, and he might be, Same eyebrows,


[Becky Morrette]: [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: Same build almost like, like The Rock with more hair. There is no way.


[Matthew Seymore]: This is unbelievable.


[Becky Morrette]: [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: I, Yeah. Look it up.


[Becky Morrette]: It’s The Rock.


[Matthew Seymore]: This is exactly The rock with more hair.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: New Zealand musical group.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yeah. I think they, I thought it said they got to like number 20 or number 11 on the Billboard chart, I can’t remember.


[Matthew Seymore]: WOW!


[Becky Morrette]: Just for the record, the other song I picked was from ninety-one, I want to sex you up, colour me bad, with two Ds because they were that bad.


[Matthew Seymore]: [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: That one is a is a dateline episode waiting to happen.


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m beginning to sense the theme of


[00:10:55] inaudible


[Matthew Seymore]: movements in your songs.


[Becky Morrette]: I haven’t even, I didn’t even realize it. This one not so much. This is just bizarre. Like in the title. OK, so we’ve got a brother Palaye in the back. Sweet Xena, Zena, I can’t remember.


[Matthew Seymore]: It’s New Zealand  


[Becky Morrette]: It’s in the front. Yeah. Cruising down the freeway in the hot, hot sun. Now we’re starting off pretty good. It was a summer song. I think it was released in the summer.


[Matthew Seymore]: Although I will happily say that I thought he was describing his haircut when he said that it’s like, what was it, Zena in the front,


[Becky Morrette]: [Laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: [Becky Morrette]: Brother Palaye in the back.


[Becky Morrette]: So, I’m still curious. Is brother like a biological brother? or are we talking like a Christian brother?


[00:11:34] inaudible


[Becky Morrette]: Like a priest kind of, you know,


[Matthew Seymore]: Very buttoned up.


[Becky Morrette]: Franciscan monk kind of situation.


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m still going with haircut.


[Becky Morrette]: It could be. Then suddenly red, blue lights, flash us from behind, so now they’re getting pulled over.


[00:11:49] inaudible


[Becky Morrette]: Not so much a great summer song. And then they told them to step out of the car. Palaye preaches words of comfort, so he might be a priest or some sort of religious man. This is the one that gets me, Policeman taps his shades. How many police officers pull you over and go Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick? Right on their aviators. I don’t know a whole lot.


[Matthew Seymore]: I just bought them today. Please compliment.


[Becky Morrette]: These babies cost a lot. And that’s why I’m pulling you over, because I still need to get paid. How many then? Then the policeman ask us “Is that a Chevy 69”?  And then the, the whole chorus is how bizarre? How bizarre? It’s not really bizarre at all. If you were driving, doing something illegal or quite honestly in this day and age driving while black.


[Matthew Seymore]: I feel like, [laughs] I feel like this is their use of how bizarre is really akin to


[00:12:50] inaudible


[Becky Morrette]:Oh,


[Matthew Seymore]: [Becky Morrette]: isn’t that ironic?


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: But you are like No, this really isn’t it bizarre.


[Becky Morrette]: It’s not Ironic at all or bizarre.


[Matthew Seymore]: Once again or coincidental?


[Becky Morrette]:Oh, it gets bizarre, though. I will say. So, yes. So how bizarre they’ve gotten pulled over. Now the cop asked him. “That’s a 69 Chevy”?


[Matthew Seymore]: All right.


[Becky Morrette]: Seems like a reasonable


[Matthew Seymore]: Question


[Becky Morrette]: Question while being pulled over, followed by “Can I see your license and registration”? And also maybe is using the word bizarre wrong. But they’re from New Zealand, they still speak English, so that’s the same word in either.


[Matthew Seymore]: They should know by now.


[Becky Morrette]: Their country. Yeah.

The next part is destination unknown as we pull in for some gas. Hey, back on track for a good summer song. Freshly pasted poster reveals a smile from the past. Ok.


[Matthew Seymore]: Wait. What?


[Becky Morrette]: Still kind of nice.


[Matthew Seymore]: Where is the poster?


[Becky Morrette]: I don’t know. Gas station. Which seems a little weird because that could be a wanted poster.


[Matthew Seymore]: So we left the cop behind.


[Becky Morrette]: We’ve already dealt with the ticket or whatever it was.


[Matthew Seymore]: I see.


[Becky Morrette]: The pat down, I don’t know. We’re past that. We’re moving on. We’re getting some gas at this point. Maybe that’s why he was pulled over the cop thought you guys are getting low on gas pull on over there. So now we get a freshly pasted poster, reveals a smile from the past. Okay. Here’s where it gets bizarre. Elephants and acrobats, Lions, snakes, monkeys.



[Matthew Seymore]: Wait.


[Becky Morrette]: That’s , the bizarre part for me. You have just now all of a sudden that, that’s what’s making you smile. Now, are we nostalgic because we went to the circus when we were a kid with our parents and oh, isn’t that lovely? Or were we a circus performer?


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m inclined to believe circus performer.


[Becky Morrette]: So am I. Paylaye speaks righteous, sister Zena says funky. What?


[Matthew Seymore]: Righteous? Oh, my gosh. So he is, he’s probably a priest.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Funky. I don’t know if I’d say funky.


[Matthew Seymore]: Funky.


[Becky Morrette]: Funky. When thinking about elephants, acrobats, lions, snakes. And it’s not even plural monkeys. It’s just monkey. Yeah. Now we’re back to the. How bizarre. Which is just starting to worry me a bit and I’m slightly starting to get a little creeped out.


[Matthew Seymore]: Someone’s on a trip.


[Becky Morrette]: I’m starting to think this is like American Horror Story the circus version. Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: We could do another podcast series on.


[Becky Morrette]: We could on that creepiness. And then it goes, oh, baby, oh, baby. It’s making me crazy. It’s making me crazy. It’s not just you. It’s making , i’m crazy with this. What the hell is this song about? And then he goes there every time I look around. Every time I look around. Every time I look around, it’s in my face. What is in your face? What I don’t understand. What’s in your face? Is it a bug? Is it? [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: Sunburn?


[Matthew Seymour]: I’m sensing an acid trip.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymour]: Like the cop saw some drugs, pulled him over. It was too late. They ingested all of the drugs on the car, pulled them over, and they were like “we should probably pull over, take care of some things”. And now he’s like, “oh, my God, I’m going to die because im so fucking high”.


[Becky Morrette]:  Wasn’t that super Troopers? [laughs]


[Matthew Seymour]: “Because I’m so fucking high”.


[Becky Morrette]: Didn’t he do that in super Troopers? [Laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: With a funnier outcome. This? Not so much. Nobody’s down. And things of maple syrup and this. There’s just elephants and shit.


[Matthew Seymour]: Just a shit ton of LSD.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. And then it goes to so, ok It’s in his face. My face says confusion. Ringmaster steps out and says the elephants left town, people jump and jive, but the clowns have stuck around TV news and cameras. There is choppers in the sky. Marines, police, reporters ask where, for and why. Palaye yells, We’re out of here. Zena yells, Right on. We’re making moves in start and grooves. Before they knew we were gone. Jumping into this Chevy headed for big lights. Okay. Now, where are the elephants? Is that the Ringmasters way? Polite, kind of calm way of saying the elephants are loose and they’re stampeding through your village and town. What? What the fuck happened in here?


[Matthew Seymour]: See here again. I am going back to my drug theory and say that the Ringmaster is actually the poor gas station attendant who’s like, “Sir, your card has been declined”. And the guys are Like, “Who are you”? Why are the elephants not here”?


[Becky Morrette]: Why is that pink elephant running around in a tutu? And what are those camera people doing? Okay, that’s probably the best thing. Here is the last line before it goes back into how bizarre, how bizarre. It’s making me crazy. Every time I look around, it’s in my face. I’m crazy. The last line. Want to know the rest? Hey, buy the rights. Why? Why would I buy the rights to this pile of shit? This isn’t even a good like treatment for a movie. I don’t even know what. This isn’t even a good poem. [Laughs]


[Matthew Seymour]: It barely qualifies as a song.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yeah. And you didn’t get a second hit. So clearly, really no one wanted the first one, although we all listened to in numbers and be like “how bizarre”?


[Matthew Seymore]: How bizarre?



[Becky Morrette]: How bizarre? Doo doo doo doo doo, I think is how the bizarre? How bizarre? All right. Yeah, I know. And it’s like I need to look it up. It might be The Rock.


[Matthew Seymore]: I feel like I have to love the shameless plug there at the end, because I mean, you know, like it takes it takes true artists. No. No amendment.


[Becky Morrette]: [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: It takes an artist to write good lyrics and put it to good music.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: It takes a true artist to just make any music and then say “Buy the rights”.


[Becky Morrette]: Here’s the thing now. “By the rights”, I’ve had to listen to this song for free for years. It’s just on the radio. Why would I buy the rights?


[Matthew Seymore]: So what I’m hearing is it hasn’t worked yet.


[Becky Morrette]: No.


[Matthew Seymore]: Well, tell them to replay it.


[Becky Morrette]: And then one of my favorite lines that kind of relates to this is Dennis Miller. He used to say when he’s talking about things or buy one, get one free and he said  “two of  shit is still shit. If they really want to screw you, they give you a three”. That’s what I feel like this song is right there. They’ve just given us three for free and it’s still shit.


[Matthew Seymore]: That is the highest level of praise


[Becky Morrette]: [Laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]:that we can give to OMC’s is how bizarre.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yeah, so that’s my that’s my 90s.Awful lyrics.


[Matthew Seymore]:I love it.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean I will say this is one of those cases where it’s like I can project things upon it. So like on the yikes scale, I am giving it like a two.


[Becky Morrette]: It’s like a choose your own adventure song.


[Matthew Seymore]: Exactly.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: I now, if there really are elephants am a little more disappointed, I just desperately want to see the music video in which he just high as fuck, walking in a gas station and then everyone else around him is like


[Becky Morrette]: I got to, oh man, I feel like the music videos I’m just driving around in a convertible. Well, that’s boring. Yeah. Well, 90s videos. I yeah. I can’t remember. I do, I do have a flash of The rock. It’s The Rock’s cousin. I don’t know who he is, but I’m just going to continue to call him The Rock’s cousin.


[Matthew Seymore]: I cannot reiterate to look at that it


[Becky Morrette]: [laughs] it really does.


[Matthew Seymore]: because there’s no other description for it.


[Becky Morrette]: I will put it up on the blog, but like a picture of The Rock and the lead singer on these side by side. Back in the heyday. And you will see that they are either separated at birth or really closely related.

[Matthew Seymore]: Also this would be a great time to plug the blog.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh the blog? Yes, that would be at all spelled out and not. We’ll go ahead and say that again at the end of the episode.


[Matthew Seymore]: That sounds lovely.


[Becky Morrette]: I’m so good at that. I forget to plug things. Yeah. So OMD, how bizarre. I’ve lived with it for well over 20 years now and it’s still I still sing it in the car when it comes on.


[Matthew Seymore]: You still hear it?


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, yeah, yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: OMC, I sit OMD. I keep doing that.


[Matthew Seymore]: I don’t.


[Becky Morrette]: OMD is another band, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark is what that one stood for. Also, like 80s band, I think late 80s or early 90s.


[Matthew Seymore]: Come on.


[Becky Morrette]: But, Yeah. OMC, as in crap.


[Matthew Seymore]:  OMG for OMC. Oh my crap.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh my crap I think is what it stood for. I don’t know. 1995 yeah. Over 20 years I listen to this song and now I hear it come on I go “how bizarre”? 


[Matthew Seymore]: how bizarre?


[Becky Morrette]: How bizarre? And then that’s it.


 [Matthew Seymore]: So low on the yikes, but high on the bizarre.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: That is where I am feeling it.


[Becky Morrette]: I think you’re right on that one. It’s just weird. [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: It is. It is weird. I need to listen to this.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: And watch it.


[Becky Morrette]: You’re going to go home and then you’re going to be like is that How bizarre part gets stuck in your head with the little like hook that they have the doo doo doo doo doo doo, whatever it is. I can’t I can’t remember. But that will get in your head and it will burrow deep and will hop out at many different times. Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: I’ll be calling you tomorrow to be like fuck you introducing this song


[Becky Morrette]: [Laughs] how dare you and I never want to speak to you again. Yeah. Yeah, I agree.


[Matthew Seymore]: Amazing. Well, this is actually an excellent Segway.


[Becky Morrette]: Yes


[Matthew Seymore]: Into my pick, because it’s also an Earworm.


[Becky Morrette]: OK, I’m ready.


[Matthew Seymore]: And just a wild hit across the board. So in the US, the song reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.


[Becky Morrette]: Ok


[Matthew Seymore]: It’s from 1999, specifically April 1999.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh


[Matthew Seymore]: Not that that I’ll give you much context, but what I found most interesting was that it topped almost every chart in continental Europe, and set a record by staying at number 1 in France for 20 weeks, longer than any stay at the top spot ever on the US or UK charts.


[Becky Morrette]: Ok. If the French liked it, I am worried it has got to be cheesy.


[Matthew Seymore]: Well, then I feel like we need to we need to get started to this because I really do think that you’re going to get this at a moment’s botice.


[Becky Morrette]: Ok, I’m ready.


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m omitting the first line only because it says the name of the song.


[Becky Morrette]: Yes. No, it’s all right. That’s fair play.


[Matthew Seymore]:One, two, three, four, five. Everybody in the car. So come on, let’s ride.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, my God. Is this Coolio?  


[Matthew Seymore]:No.


[Becky Morrette]: Wait


[Matthew Seymore]: But to the liquor store around the corner, the boys say they want some gin and juice, but I really don’t want a beer bus like I had last week. I must stay deep because talk is cheap.


[Becky Morrette]: Is it gin and juice?


[Matthew Seymore]: No. I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra in Reno.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, Oh, Mambo number five.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yes.


[Becky Morrette]: [Matthew Seymore]: [Laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: I can’t believe I confuse that for Gin and Juice is the only because you said Gin and Juice. Oh, sweet Jesus. I’m so sorry. Oh.


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, Oh my God. Well, of course the French would like it.


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs] Again the highest praise that we can give to Mambo number 5.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh,


[Matthew Seymore]: Of course, is the French liked it.


[Becky Morrette]: what is that guy’s name?


[Matthew Seymore]:Oh, do you want me to tell you?


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


 [Matthew Seymore]: It is Lou Bega.


[Becky Morrette]: That’s right. Talk about a one hit Wonder.


[Matthew Seymore]: who is German apparently sold himself as


[00:24:39] inaudible


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


 [Matthew Seymore]: But 100% German.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, I believe he had like a zoot suit on in that


[Matthew Seymore]: He absolutely did.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh


[Matthew Seymore]: The entire thing.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, I wonder if he had worn wearing it for the seagulls in San Francisco that’s no longer the store fronts.  It’s no longer there. WOW!


[Matthew Seymore]: This is just a hit for everyone. I mean, I’ve heard it played at weddings. [Laughs]Yeah.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. You can’t not move to it.


[Matthew Seymore]: Exactly.


[Becky Morrette]: You hate it, but you’re still going to swivel. Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: Everyone Loves the song. It’s terrible. None of the lyrics make sense. Actually, let’s look. Let’s go back.


[Becky Morrette]: Let’s dub into it. Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: So first, proving that he is at least able to count to 5.


[Becky Morrette]: Yep. That’s good. In English, and he is German.


[Matthew Seymore]: It’s not like he is Cuban.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: Everybody in the car, so come on, let’s ride. That sounds fine.


[Becky Morrette]: Still fun summer song.


[Matthew Seymore]: To the liquor store around the corner. I’m like, so you got into your car.


[Becky Morrette]: Listen, in his defense, when I was in high school, we lived not that far from the high school. Like I should have walked. Did I? When I got a car? No, I did not. I would shovel the car out because I grew up in upstate New York. Shovel the shit off my car and drive to school.


[Matthew Seymore]: How many blocks?


[Becky Morrette]: Five. Five or six. Maybe. I mean, they’re not like city blocks because it was upstate New York, but still maybe a half a mile at best.


[Matthew Seymore]: Follow up question.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah?


[Matthew Seymore]: Would it have taken you longer to walk to school?


[Becky Morrette]: No.


[Matthew Seymore]: Versus shovelling?


[Becky Morrette]: Not at all. Side note, I never dry my hair because I have crazy ass curly hair and so my hair would freeze if I walked to school.


[Becky Morrette]: [Matthew Seymore]: [ Laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: That is a good way to keep it in place.


[Becky Morrette]: And surprising, I never really got sick, but yeah, I don’t know why. You know, if you had a car in high school, you were a bad ass. Mine was a 1980 Mustang, which was not a bad ass car. But, you know,


[Matthew Seymore]: you had it.


[Becky Morrette]: and I had it. So I drove. So in his defense, I get it.


[Matthew Seymore]: We’ll allow.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: This next part just baffles me. The boys say they want some gin and juice. Okay. You’re going to a liquor store. That makes sense.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: But I really don’t want to slash next line beer bust like I had last week.


[Becky Morrette]: Well, you’re not, you’re going gin and juice.


[Matthew Seymore]: But I’m like, I suppose but am like then are you just saying I’m not really feeling beer guys.


[Becky Morrette]: Maybe he’s just the driver. He’s the designated driver. He’s the D.D. of this situation.


[Matthew Seymore]: But then he even goes on to say, I must stay deep because talk is cheap. Where does that fit in? Also, the hearing, hearing little Lou Bega say “I must stay deep” when he’s about to lift a tremendous number of women.


[Becky Morrette]: I was about to question with the stay deep in reference to his buddies or like he’s got to stay deep with his homies. He’s got to get in.


[Matthew Seymore]: Earn the trust.


[Becky Morrette]: You know, he’s gotta be right there with him. Or is he talking about the ladies he’s about to rattle off?


[Matthew Seymore]: [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: I’m inclined to think the latter. So this is my Hashtag


[Becky Morrette]: [Matthew Seymore]: Me too Moment. [Laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: He likes apparently, Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita, which I will fully say those are not 90s names.


[Becky Morrette]: Angela is. I had a friend whose name is Angela. I have a couple I used to know a couple of Angela’s.


[Matthew Seymore]: I feel like there needed to be more Ashley and Britneys .


[Becky Morrette]: Angela. What was the other one? Rita.


[Matthew Seymore]: Rita.


[Becky Morrette]: Rita, I don’t know who the hell, Rita. Now he’s trying to take a spin on the Hispanic.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah.


[Becky Morrette]: I’m Cuban.


[Matthew Seymore]: Trust me yall.


 [Becky Morrette]: German\Cuban.


[Matthew Seymore]: Pamela and Sandra?


[Becky Morrette]: No, I didn’t, no that was a smith.  No, I don’t know the other two.

[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah


[Becky Morrette]: I just had an Angela. That didn’t sound right. I just knew an Angela.


[Matthew Seymore]: Was she on your soccer team?


[Becky Morrette]: She was not. Not at all. I don’t think. Oh, my God. I don’t remember everybody on the soccer team that’s really bad.


[Matthew Seymore]: And as I continue, you know, they’re getting sweeter. In what capacity? gross.


[Becky Morrette]: I’m hoping he means in like personality, but I’m willing to doubt that. I’m willing.


[Matthew Seymore]: He is staying deep.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, I’m willing to say the deep is in reference to the ladies. And eweh.


[Matthew Seymore]: so, what can I do? I really beg you, my lord.


[Becky Morrette]: Whoa, whoa.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah.


[Becky Morrette]: Whoa.


[Matthew Seymore]: Again, I think that’s a call out to the Cuban community. I’m Catholic.


[Becky Morrette]: [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: Maybe


[Becky Morrette]: We could bring Brother Palaye back. [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: Hold on, so now we’re bringing in the Lord


[Matthew Seymore]: As the lady.


[Becky Morrette]: The lord as one of our priests used to say.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, you have to bring him in because he wants to give the ladies enough time to sleep.


[Becky Morrette]: So, okay. Is he questioning like. Is he not gone for yet? Is he not done all these gone deep with all these ladies and he’s like, please, lord, help me to remain the good man that I am and not take advantage of these ladies. [laughs]. I can’t remember the rest of these lyrics.


[Matthew Seymore]: Or is the Lord basically being like, I want you to bang as many of these dudes.


[Becky Morrette]: I’m out.


[Matthew Seymore]:  Well I guess they are not dudes they are ladies


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: because I don’t think Lou bega is swining that way.


[Becky Morrette]: I don’t think, I mean, his 90s. That was on the cusp of when you were kind of like do we come out? I can’t even. so, ok So he’s not really into the beer


[Matthew Seymore]: Busts


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: No beer butst, No.


[Becky Morrette]: No.


[Matthew Seymore]: But apparently other busts


[Becky Morrette]: yeah


 [Matthew Seymore]: He’s very interested in.


[Becky Morrette]: And then he maybe that’s his transition. And we just didn’t get it quick enough.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah, I still don’t get it.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t. Okay.


[Matthew Seymore]: It’s been 20. No. Oh my God, it has been. Yeah, It’s been 20 years. It has been 20 years since the song came out.


[Becky Morrette]: [laughs] And it’s still on the radio from time to time.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah


[Becky Morrette]: Okay. So we’re not into the beer busts. we


[Matthew Seymore]: We are very into the ladies and staying deep in some capacity.


[Becky Morrette]: staying deep with the friends possibly, or the ladies maybe the friends are the ladies. That’s why he’s going.


[Matthew Seymore]: Ohh


[Becky Morrette]: This could be all about the ladies.


[Matthew Seymore]: But he does say that the boys say they want some Gin and Juice.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, well. So I had friends in college that I, it was a bunch of guys and my one friend would always call me bro because I had just become 


[Matthew Seymore]: A bro.


[Becky Morrette]: A bro to them at that point because I didn’t have boobs or anything they did, they looked at me as like one of them.


[Matthew Seymore]: One of them.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. I don’t know.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, it’s totally fair. So he’s brought in the Lord.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: Either to remain celibate or to gain graces so that he can bang as many of these ladies as possible.


[Becky Morrette]: Does the lord work that way? I mean, would you pray and go, “you know what? God, I need your help getting some”.


[Matthew Seymore]:  And then the priest says, do 10 nail marys.


[Becky Morrette]: [laughs] I’m not going to lie. There is a priest we go up to camp, there was this cabin that my grandfather built. He had a really thick accent and he would he would say male Mary, full of grace or the Lord be with you. And of course, as kids, we’d all get laughing.

 So, yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, that’s hilarious. So I think he’s also,


[Becky Morrette]: You know, I think he’s I don’t think he meant it this way, though.


[Matthew Seymore]: I think he’s intending 10 Hail Marys in this. To me, so back to the lyrics.


[Becky Morrette]: yeah


[Matthew Seymore]: To me, it’s flirting, to me it’s flirting.


[Becky Morrette]: Ok


[Matthew Seymore]: So there is an adverb there


[Becky Morrette]: That’s where the English goes.


[Matthew Seymore]: It is just like sport, anything fly.


[Becky Morrette]: No. There is rules in sports.


[Matthew Seymore]: Not when he’s about to nail a bunch of ladies.


[Becky Morrette]: there’s rules in sports. I mean, there is like red flags and yellow flags in all almost like football, in soccer.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, this is a giant red flag.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: To me it’s flirting.


[Becky Morrette]: Well, again, English isn’t his first language. Probably also why the French liked it so much. [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]:  I apologize to like any other French people who listen to this song to learn English.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh my God, that is not. Yeah,


[Matthew Seymore]: It’s all , It’s all good. Let me dump it, please set in the trumpet, not send in the trumpet. Set. Please set in the trumpet.


[Becky Morrette]: So they left him a like a note for the mixers of this this song like hey, when you guys are mixing this down, set a trumpet in here.


[Matthew Seymore]:  Set it in the trumpet. Which for me I was like, let me dump it. Which I’m like, oh. Curious choice of words don’t like that. Please set it on the trumpet. It sounds like he’s also fucking the trumpet.


[Becky Morrette]: Actually, what I get from that, if you go back to the beer bust [laughs]is that  it’s all in his stomach now.[laughs]  so he’s literally, dumping it. And then the slang term for like the Cuban\Germans slang for toilet is trumpet. Maybe that’s what I’m thinking.


[Matthew Seymore]: He as had too much gin and juice. He didn’t want a repeat on the beer busts.


[Becky Morrette]: Yes.


[Matthew Seymore]: But now he is just puking away.


[Becky Morrette]: The beer bust has hit and he’s got to find a bathroom Toot suite.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh, for a French


[Becky Morrette]: French.


[Matthew Seymore]: So maybe all the women are just the nurses [laughs]


[Becky Morrette]: could be


[Matthew Seymore]: who are caring for him.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: So I’ll do the quiz.


[Becky Morrette]: Ok


[Matthew Seymore]: Do you do you remember who comes first?


[Becky Morrette]: It was Angela, Pamela. I can’t remember the other Angela, Pamela. There was an S in there


[Matthew Seymore]: Think,


[Becky Morrette]: And then Rita.


[Matthew Seymore]: Speed and Miss Congeniality.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, Sandra.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yes.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Okay.


[Matthew Seymore]: Now, funnily enough, in the actual chorus, only two of those ladies make it to the list of things he likes a little bit of.


[Becky Morrette]: Here’s a thought. Could he be a pimp? [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: [gasps] That would make sense. He’s driving the boys around being like, please survey the good.


[Becky Morrette]: Here’s my ladies. [laughs]


[Matthew Seymore]: You know, that does kind of fit. And then it’s like if they don’t, you know, it’s all good. He let me dump it and then he’s like bye.


[Becky Morrette]: and then kick him out, they go with the lady.


[Matthew Seymore]: That’s Angela. Angela did not make the cut.


[Becky Morrette]: She might have been off with one of his boys.


[Matthew Seymore]: And that showed, well, neither did Pamela. So apparently, Angela and Pamela are very popular.


[Becky Morrette]: They’re either big winners or,


[Matthew Seymore]: or just they’re off the payroll.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: So if the first one is a little bit of Monica.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh, that’s right. He switches them again.


[Matthew Seymore]: A little bit of Erica. Where? By my side, a little bit of Rita is all he needs a little bit of Tina is what I see, which I find very interesting because he’s seen so many women up to this point.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah


 [Matthew Seymore]: So Rita must be the big breadwinner.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh, yeah. She’s raking it in.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. Monica, maybe they just changed their names to Monica and whatever the other one was because the other two names weren’t really all that great.


[Matthew Seymore]: Angela and Pamela.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: No offense to any Angela and Pamela.


[Becky Morrette]: But at that, you know, they’re not like big moneymaking names probably.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh no.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, No.


[Matthew Seymore]: Now I’m thinking, you know who I really want to get with tonight?


[Becky Morrette]: Although,


[Matthew Seymore]: Pamela.


[Becky Morrette]: Pamela Anderson.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh shit, okay, fine.


[Becky Morrette]: Sorry. Pam.


[Matthew Seymore]: We will allow it. A little bit of Sandra in the sign. So she is only she is out of commission for the rest of the year.


[Becky Morrette]: Either that or she’s just the billboard to bring them in.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah. She is the pen out.

[Becky Morrette]: Yep.


[Matthew Seymore]: A little bit of Mary all night long. So has gotten the nail marries.


[Becky Morrette]: Here is where I am offended. That is my mom’s name. How dare you?


[Matthew Seymore]: Little a little bit of Mary all night long.


[Becky Morrette]: How dare you?


[Matthew Seymore]: Even grosser. Because, like, why are you having all of Mary all night long?


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, well, I have known men that cannot really handle all night long. You know, I am just saying.


[Matthew Seymore]: So maybe they should just go to be just in the sun.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: Small, small time period.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: Let it be a little bit of Jessica. Here I am. Which is weirder because that definitely feels like a sex.


[Becky Morrette]:  He just shows up. Hey Jessica. Here I am. That stalker.


[Matthew Seymore]: Stalker Lubanga.


[Becky Morrette]:  Yeah, right.


[Matthew Seymore]: A little bit of you makes me your man.


[Becky Morrette]:  Now, this is problematic because you don’t know who’s listening to this on yet. Male. Female. I could have my cat listening.


[Matthew Seymore]: And he is bestiality. What we are learning from this song is that Lubanga will fucking anything with a pulse.


[Becky Morrette]:  It is what it sounds like, yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: And then and then it says mambo number five. And I think there is that. Yeah. With all the bap bap


[Becky Morrette]:  But he missed it with the trumpets because that is where the trumpets go.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yeah, I now. But then he was like I’m going to plug momma number five. Very interesting fact. The sampling from the actual mambo number five gets played in the song and the person who actually wrote the original Motown number five was a co-writer of the song.

Co-author. Yes. Songwriters, it was Damaso Perez Prado.


[Becky Morrette]:  That is probably Lou.


[Matthew Seymore]: I know, and then Lou Bega, they are two separate entities.


[Becky Morrette]: Are they?


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean, we can’t prove it.


[Becky Morrette]: Are they now?


[Matthew Seymore]:  And then we go, back to you, John. Well, no, rather jump up and down and move it all around. So we’re trying to dance. Shake your head to the sound. Put your hand on the ground. Take one step left and one step right. We are playing Twister.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, I know.


[Matthew Seymore]: One to the front and one to the side. Clap your hand once and clap your hands twice, wow! I remind you, one hand out on the ground.


[Becky Morrette]: One hand out on the ground, and we have now answered the question. What’s the sound of one hand clapping?


[Both Speakers]: It is mambo number 5.


[Matthew Seymore]: And I desperately wanna watch the video, because then the lyric says, and if it looks like this, then you’re doing it right. Which means at some point in the video…


[Becky Morrette]: I don’t think he is doing anything. If I remember correctly, it is him. It’s a white background and a whole bunch of ladies dancing around. I don’t think there’s a specific dance that they’re doing, but I could be wrong.


[Matthew Seymore]: Then Lou Bega has really fucked it up.


[Becky Morrette]: Well, I mean, clearly.


[Matthew Seymore]: So then. And speaking of fucking things, he goes back to going through. Monica. Erica. Rita, Tina, Sandra’s, Mary, Jessica and a little bit of you makes me your man. Trumpet the trumpet, Mambo number five. Again, another instrumental break. And then he’s like a little bit of Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Santa, Mary, Jessica, a little bit of you makes me your man. And lastly, but certainly not least, I do all to fall in love with a girl like you because you can’t run and you can’t hide. You and me going to touch the sky, Mambo number 5.


[Becky Morrette]: Okay, here is what I am sensing. We’ve only done two episodes. Very clearly. There is a me too movement situation that is happening in almost every shitty song that is popular.


[Matthew Seymore]:  Yeah. And I’ll be honest. Like I knew this was skeezy going into it.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]:  But I have never once heard the lyrics cause you can’t run and you can’t hide. You and me are gonna touch the sky. Sounds like a murder suicide… No, it sounds like a stalker then a murder suicide.


[Becky Morrette]: Dateline. All of these songs like Colour Me Balance is a Dateline episode waiting to happen. How bazaar is just bizarre. These are all.


[Matthew Seymore]: So far you have had the only one that was not a hashtag me too moment.


[Becky Morrette]: Wait until next episode.


[Both Speakers]: Oh, that will be good one.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah. No, I can’t even… Like they are all me too movement. I have not heard like the songs that I have found that I really like. These lyrics are shitty are typically because they’re like borderline dateline.


[Matthew Seymore]: Oh yeah. I’d like to catch a private.


[Becky Morrette]: Oh God. Yes. Yes.


[Matthew Seymore]: Across the board.


[Becky Morrette]: Now we are on the on the yuck scale of things in the yikes scale.


[Matthew Seymore]: Yuck would also work.


[Becky Morrette]: Yuck / yikes on this one.


[Matthew Seymore]: The problem is like it is an earworm.


[Becky Morrette]: It is, and everybody will at a wedding be like one,


[Both Speakers]: two, three, four, five.

[Becky Morrette]:  Mom’s up there dancing. Grandma is up there, shimmy and shaken. And no one is really paying attention to how awful


[Matthew Seymore]: These lyrics are


[Becky Morrette]:  Yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]: Which is very interesting because it is a crowd favourite yet no one is paying attention to this dude is literally just naming any women he wants to have sex with


[Becky Morrette]: Now that makes me think that I would like to write a pop song and just start rattling off men’s names.


[Matthew Seymore]: Done.


[Becky Morrette]: I am going to work on that. That will be my next, you know,


[Matthew Seymore]: Next project.


[Becky Morrette]: Next project


[Matthew Seymore]:] join us for the next series.


[Becky Morrette]: Next podcast


[Matthew Seymore]: In which we collectively list the names of men you would like to have sex with.


[Becky Morrette]: Where we just start writing our own shitty lyrics.


[Matthew Seymore]: It cant be that hard.


[Becky Morrette]: Clearly not. Lee Croix I am looking at you post Malone. Sue, I’m going to say this is probably like a 3 for me.


[Matthew Seymore]: I will say the only thing that tone that down from being a 4 is dance ability. Like not giving a pass on the grossness of it, but I will say have a dance to this. Yes, will continue to dance to it? Yeah. But the lyrics are just bad.


[Becky Morrette]: Well yeah. It’s like the Robin Thicke one. The Blurred Lines. It’s the same feel. Not as rapey but the same feeling.


[Matthew Seymore]: So again tagline for momma number five, Blurred Lines but less rapey.


[Becky Morrette]: The 90s version of Blurred Lines, which is a little less, rapey.


[Matthew Seymore]: Have you wanted to listen to Blurred Lines but wanted to be less rapey? Have you tried Lou Bega.


[Becky Morrette]: But you did not want the over rapeyness of it.


[Matthew Seymore]: Check out Lou Bega mambo number 5.


[Becky Morrette]: He is into Blurred Lines with mambo number 5, and then work your way up to, yeah.


[Matthew Seymore]:  I am inclined to agree. This is a middle of the road. Yikes.


[Becky Morrette]: Yeah, this was absolutely a total. Oh yeah. 3. Oh yeah. Oh, it is making my stomach a little queasy now, I am going to have to use trumpet for toilet, from now on. It is just gonna happen.


[Matthew Seymore]:  I have gotta go to the trumpet.


[Becky Morrette]: Kids going to the trumpet. I’ll be right back. I am going to play a little solo. This is just going downward from here.


[Matthew Seymore]: Quality material.


[Becky Morrette]: And on that note, thank you for listening to Episode 2. Please stay tuned. We will have Episode 3, which will be musicals. We’re going to go deep into musicals. That was the wrong word to use there. After mambo number five.


[Matthew Seymore]: I mean how do we solve that problem like Maria.


[Becky Morrette]:  Although Oh, God, never see Matt and I am not going to, But I still know all the words. Yes, we are going to look at musicals and it is going to be epic. So thanks for joining us and we will see you soon.


[End 00:44:37]

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