In this episode Becky and Matthew delve deep into the late 80s and the early 2000s hip hop.  Will it be a hip hop battle to end all battles?


What the Lyric?



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Becky: Welcome to What the Lyric?, the podcast that confirms. Yeah, that actually made it to radio.


Welcome to What the Lyric? Today we are talking about hip-hop, the rap. I don’t know what else I’d call it.


Matthew: The rap.


Becky: The rap.


Matthew: I mean you are talking to the two white people in the room talking about hip-hop. That is what this episode is.


Becky: I know. Oh, this is going to go down horribly. Although I do love my 80s, rap and I love the old Run DMC stuff before Aerosmith. Who else is in there? I am trying to think. A tribe called Quest. Although I cannot remember if they were 80s or not. It all runs together now for me. Then, of course, Public Enemy. I don’t think that was 80s. Maybe they were 80s. Oh, my God. Yeah. Oh, there is a lot in there. 3rd Bass. That is right; I pull out 3rd Base, which you will never know. But the one guy in 3rd Base, a white guy is now like a baseball historian at Cooperstown, if I remember correctly.


Matthew: That is a turn career.


Becky: Yeah, Pete Nice. Was it Pete Nice? Oh I don’t think it was Pete Nice. I cannot remember who it was now.


Matthew: Was it was not Pete Townsend?

Becky: No, now I am going to have to look it up. Who were the members of 3rd Base? Yeah, so that is where I am coming from.


Matthew: Interesting. Mine, you know. Like, that is all I really need to say. We actually had a very interesting discussion at the end of the last episode talking about where does R&B begin versus hip-hop specifically.


Becky: Yes.


Matthew: I approach hip-hop from the more R&B side. So I am thinking Beyoncé, Lemonade.


Becky: All right, okay.


Matthew: To an extent, Drake, although he is not my favourite.


Becky: Oh God!


Matthew: And then smaller artists, particularly from the HBO show Insecure, has some very good hip-hop…


Becky: See I don’t know that.


Matthew: References. TT the artists. What is the name of the song? Is featured in it. She is great. Now I will have to introduce you to it. Then, of course, where would we be? But two people, two white people talking about hip hop. Also, listen to the entirety of Hamilton and needed to get said. There it is. It has been said we can now glaze past it.


Becky: I only know the Alexander Hamilton [Making sound 00:2:56]. I don’t know anything else.


Matthew: That is all you need to know. That is what the musical is.


Becky: Yeah, I. Oh, man. I think I was right with Pete Nice. What did I say? Oh, my God.


Matthew: You did say Pete Nice.


Becky: Yeah. There is MC Serch and Pete Nice, but I feel like. Yeah. Pete Nice. Baseball historian, I had it right the first time.


Matthew: Well, with a band name like 3rd Base, you kind of have to.


Becky: They had a song called The Cactus.


Matthew: Why?


Becky: I can’t even remember. I just remember The Cactus. I am sure I still have that CD somewhere. But yeah, The Cactus.


Matthew: I love.


Becky: I cannot even remember. It is all gone. It is so bad; they did have a big hit. What was their big hit?


Matthew: Was, it baseball related?


Becky: No, surprisingly. You would think with a name like 3rd Base. Pop goes the weasel.


Matthew: Oh.


Becky: From 1991. I remember that. That sounds like a hit. I did not have that one. I had the Cactus album and that was eighty-nine derelicts of dialect, which had the pop, goes the weasel.

Yep, that was ninety-one. That was when I graduated high school.


Matthew: I won’t say where I was at the time.


Becky: And a hoodie [Laughing], moving on. All right. I am going to let you go first this time.


Matthew: All right. So like I said, my primary job on this podcast is to serve as millennial ambassador.


Becky: And I am the only.


Matthew: There is a generation, obviously listen to this podcast. Who is waiting for your songs, too?


Becky: I am sure.


Matthew: But I want to bring them up to speed in case they hopefully missed it.


Becky: I would also like to point out I am representing old school with my older school tortoiseshell old schools.


Matthew: Wow! Well done. Actually…


Becky: I did not even think about that. I just put them on this morning.


Matthew: I should as a side note, give Becky more credit for being much more fashionable than me. I mean, because I have just got like these shitty Nike…


Becky: No


Matthew: Running shoes and blue jeans.


Becky: It is Old Navy jeans and Adidas. It is not really fashionable, it is just comfortable.


Matthew: As we should.


Becky: As my vsco [Inaudible 00:5:26] said.


Matthew: Oh, I forgot the vsco queen of this podcast.


Becky: Yeah, the old lady vsco queen.


Matthew: So really, this song I remember driving to high school, I think senior year of high school.


Becky: Okay.


Matthew: This song is being played a lot.


Becky: 2008?


Matthew: 2008


Becky: Okay.


Matthew: Right. I was graduating high school that year.


Becky: Lord, have mercy, okay.


Matthew: And more specifically, I am trying to think. Where do I go with this? I am not really sure, but let me just say…


Becky: 2008 [Inaudible 00:6:09]


Matthew: There you go. Very fluent in Spanish.


Becky: Is he like Pitbull?


Matthew: Oh, nailed it, yes. And it was his first song. Because I was going to say, like oh! He is like…


Becky: The one with Robin Thicke?


Matthew: I did not know there was one, but that really disturbs me.


Becky: Where he sing I don’t like it. I love it, love it, love it. Oh, is that Pitbull? That is Pitbull.


Matthew: Probably.


Becky: yeah, oh boy.


Matthew: This is his first one. He speaks a lot of Spanish and again, since I am incredibly white. Even though I grew up in Texas, I know no Spanish. Because I took French in high school for whatever…


Becky: Yeah, I took German.


Matthew: For whatever godforsaken reason. But my favourite my favourite thing about Pitbull is the fact that he can’t decide on a nickname. He is either Mr. 305 or he is Mr. Worldwide, which therefore implies that the entirety of the 305 area code is actually the world to either him, which could either be very sweet, or the fact that he doesn’t travel a lot.


Becky: 305, Miami, I am assuming?


Matthew: Yes.


Becky: Yeah, okay.


Mathew: So that is where he is from. I am assuming he is Cuban. No offense to Mr. Pitbull, if he eventually listens to this podcast…


Becky: I think he is.


Matthew: Which I highly doubt.


Becky: I am sure he is a big fan.


Matthew: Obviously.


Becky: Can’t wait to get fan mail about that one.


Matthew: So really, the song that he chose was I know you want me.

Becky: Mm hmm.


Matthew: Which makes several assumptions that I think Pitbull has not quite figured out. I am not sure there, is a huge audience who is craving his music, but nonetheless, he still posits that people do want him. Again, most of it is in Spanish. So I will skip those parts because quite simply, I just did not take the time to Google translate any of it. The bad lyrics for it. I give it minus one point for repetitiveness…


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Because some of it is simply. I know you want me, want me. Then it is like…


Becky: oh, God, I don’t remember.


Matthew: You know I want you, want you. Then it just repeats multiple times. I will not go into that. There is a lot of just, word association.


Becky: Yeah, okay.


Matthew: I know that Good hip-hop. You can do word association. And it makes sense and it flows. Pitbull just being like, oh, shit. Got it right. Like you can you can hear him like a train barrels towards the end.


Becky: Those are make the favourite raps. Post Malone, I hate that guy so much for this. At one point, he says something. He is trying to rhyme something. Instead of saying Luck Roy, he is says Lecroy, so he can rhyme it. First off, I hate that damn drink anyways. Second, you cannot even pronounce it right. Why? Just so you can fit in your little rap. Mr. Syracuse? I don’t think so.


Matthew: Oh, he is from Syracuse.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Congrats. Another New York native like Becky.


Becky: Yeah. I did not get all the face tats, though.


Matthew: Not yet, you are young.


Becky: Working on it. I am working on it.


Matthew: Pitbull goes on to say, you know, stick to the clock on my way to the top, which I am like, okay. He is being timed. One assumes.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: I do not think that is necessarily a bad lyric. Then there is just a weird word association, so like Pit got it locked from Bruce to the lock her. The bruise, b-r-e-w-u-s according to the lyrics, I find that amusing. RIP so rest in peace…


Becky: Yeah.  


Matthew: Huh, Big and PAC. P-A-C, I don’t know if that’s like the…


Becky: Biggie and Pac? Biggie and 2Pac


Matthew: That is what I am assuming, right?


Becky: Yeah, okay.


Matthew: So it is like ok, he is doing due diligence as one does in hip-hop by making references.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: So far he has not necessarily run afoul of anything, he said premise.


Becky: He is also hitting both coasts like he’s trying and play Sweden…


Matthew: Right?


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Even though he very clearly raps the east coast by being like Mr 305 checking in for the Remix.


Becky: Yet it is also Miami like it’s not New York vs LA…


Matthew: You can calm down.  


Becky: Hip-hop, yeah.


Matthew: He extends his condolences to both of them, and then disses himself.


Becky: Many years kind of late too, by the way.


Matthew: This is where I started to get concerned. As far as bad lyrics and also his self-esteem, because he immediately feels like R.I.P too Bigg and Pac. That he is not, but damn, he is hot. So what that implies to me is, Pitbull is actually saying that, oh, actually I’m not nearly as talented as Bigg and Pac, which I was like…


Becky: Truth,


Matthew: Which is just truth.


Becky: Truth.


Matthew: I do appreciate it. Then he has to saddle himself like, you know, I can never be them, but I am attractive. And that’s still a stretch.


Becky: Yeah, I would say to 2Pac is probably better looking than him in my opinion.


Matthew: I would agree.  I am inclined to agree. Pitbull, He has a face like a pit bull.


Becky: He does, there is a reason he have that name. Yeah.


Matthew: I don’t know what it is, but I can assume it’s his face.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: And so continuing. What is even weirder is that he is like the label flop. So he’s already saying that like whatever label he’s on is going to flop presumably because of his songs like that doesn’t inspire confidence. So it’s like again, a diss at the start. Then he says, but Pitt won’t stop. Label flop, but Pitt won’t stop.


Becky: Wait a minute. Maybe what he is saying is, you know, I like when you would be like, oh, my God, I am totally failing this test. Then you nail it like he’s psyching himself out, like I am the shittiest rapper. Then boom! Platinum.


Matthew: Huge fame. I don’t know if this ever went platinum. I would be surprised, but also not surprised if that were to happen.


Becky: You never know.


Matthew: But he is always starting with the dislike that he is not. But damn, he’s hot. Label flop. But Pitt won’t stop. And I’m like, ok. Then very left turn. Got her in the car playing with his como. And that’s where he answered Spanish. Oh, wait, why are you having sex in a car? I am not surprised.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: But he was like, I am going to be an amazing rapper. Oh no, getting my dick sucked in a car.


Becky: Well, all right. I mean, you know, to each his own is all I am saying. You granted it back in the day…


Matthew: So, we should let Pitbull have his own.


Becky: Whatever makes him happy? You do you. Live your best life.


Matthew: Right. And this is where the associations continue because right. In two lines, He has gone from being like, I am sorry that Biggie died…


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: And Tupac died. The label is going to flop. I mean, but I am going to keep making music. I am receiving oral in our car. Then he says, watch him make a movie like Alfred Hitchcock. Ha! Enjoy me.


Becky: Has, he made a movie?


Matthew: No, not at all. None. I don’t think he’s directed his own music videos. If he has, I can tell you the music one for this one. Looks like it was directed by…


Becky: I might know somebody who has done a video with him.


Matthew: Did they direct it?


Becky: No. He is a cinematographer. Curious at least he picked a good director.


Matthew: Right.


Becky: Alfred Hitchcock.


Matthew: He was not choosing…


Becky: One of my favourites.


Matthew: I am trying to think of who would be a bad director.


Becky: Well, the guy did. Oh, God. What is that movie that? James Franco did a movie about him that won an award, but he did not.


Matthew: Tommy Wiseau.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Watch him make a movie like Tommy Wiseau. Huh! Enjoy me.


Becky: See, that works a little better for this.


Matthew: It actually does.


Becky: If he could have just let us edit his words, he would be spot on. Yeah, either him. I am trying to think Ed Wood.


Matthew: What does he do? I don’t think I know, Ed Wood.


Becky: Oh, you have to go back and watch an Ed Wood movie. I think one of my favourites, which is called Jail Bait. And there’s this weird 1950s. There is this weird, depending on which version you get. There is this weird kind of like guitar piece in it that keeps showing up randomly throughout and you think it is there to like build tension, but you are like, [Inaudible 00:15:01] just threw that guitar riff in there for no real reason. It is like you have flamenco, kind of. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s hilarious. Johnny Depp actually starred is him in a movie called Ed Wood. He was pretty epic at making like B movies where you’re like, what! is going on here? Plan 9 from outer space, I think is him…


Matthew: Oh! Okay,


Becky: Yes. Jailbait is probably my favourite.


Matthew: I will have to check these out. Thank you for the movie recommendation. The last time I recommended Repo the Genetic Opera.


Becky: Yeah. Plan 9 from outer space…


Matthew: Jailbait first.


Becky: Jailbait though is my favourite and I used to own it on VHS. That is how old I am.


Matthew: Oh yeah. If it makes you feel any better. I was acquainted with VHS.


Becky: Yeah. I am the VHS. Oh God! That movie was so good. So bad, it was so good. I am sure it is him, Jailbait. It has to be. He has done so many, and I think he did with like Vampira. Yeah, that is Ed Wood. Oh, so many. Oh, yeah. Glen or Glenda? Also a classic. Mm hmm. Genius of a man.


Matthew: That is incredible.


Becky: I wish there were more like him out there that could do these kinds of movies.


Matthew: We can only aspire too. But I mean, also Pittbull could aspire to, be the Ed Wood but currently he wants to be Alfred Hitchcock.


Becky: That is not happening.


Matthew: But when I was really thinking about this, I was like, what? You know, in my limited experience with hip-hop, what lyric stand out to me is like the worst things I can think of.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: And this one stood out in my brain, has not left my brain for the past eleven years, and presumably will not be my brain until I die. It is this line.


Becky: Okay.


Matthew: Because remember, the rest is repetitive. Mommy got an ass like a donkey with a monkey look like King Kong. Welcome to the crib. Now, granted, also, I do need to…


Becky: Okay.


Matthew: Make a very specific point that when I say mommy, it sounds like I am talking about…


Becky: Mom.

Matthew: Right.


Becky: And actual Mom


Matthew: Its spell M-A-M-I. It is Spanish. I am incredibly white. I cannot make this work. I need you to know…


Becky: Mommy and Pappy.


Matthew: Yes. Exactly. Like he is clearly talking about an attractive young woman.


Becky: A lady friend.


Matthew: Quite honestly, does not make me feel any better about it because he’s dancing. She has an ass like a donkey, which I do. I will give him credit for the association…


Becky: That is good little…


Matthew: Word played.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: It is like saying like, oh, hurray. I can do this wordplay. But I forgot that this is implying that I would fuck a duck.


Becky: Yeah. Yeah, like a donkey got a sweet booty. Yeah…ewe.


Matthew: An ass like a donkey and he says monkey. Like a donkey with a monkey. Then why with a monkey? She specifically has an ass like a donkey that has a monkey. Look like King Kong. Now, does he mean the woman? Does he mean the monkey? Or does he mean the donkey?


Becky: It is all very offensive. However, you look at it, every part of that is offensive. Like there is not a moment where you go, well, that is very flattering. I appreciate that. No, nothing like. Where does the monkey come in? That is just to make the rhyme, clearly.


Matthew: Now, would you be flattered if a man would actually say you have an ass like a donkey.


Becky: That is like Sisqo she got dumps like a truck, truck, truck.


Mathew: Okay I did forget about that.


Becky: The Thong Song, and then there is Wreckx-n-Effect with the rump shaker. There is another one, actually. This is a perfect lead in mine.


Matthew: Done, I was like, honestly, that I just want to say for the audience at home, that lyric haunts me to this day and I truly wish that it haunts you as well.


Becky: Great. Okay and mine is from 1989.


Matthew: That was prior to around the time of conception but definitely not [Inaudible 00:19:48].


Becky: Okay. So mine is from 1989 and I remember this song so I’m going to read the first part of it. I was at the mall sipping on a milkshake, playing the wall, taking a break. Admiring the girls with the bamboo earrings, baby hair and bodies built to swing. That is when I seen her. Name was Tina. Grace and Poise, kind of like a ballerina. I say how you doing? My name’s big L don’t ask me how I’m living because yo, I’m live in swell. But then again, I am living kind of foul because my girl don’t know that I’m out on the prowl. To make a long story short, I got the digits.  Calls, one that drives me crazy. Calls her on my car phone and paid her a visit. I was spanking her, thanking her, chewing her, and doing her. Land like a king and sat on sheets of Satin. Well, that is what time it is. You know what is happening? She had a big old booty, and I am doing my duty.


I mean, yo, I admit that girls cutie. But Tina was erratic, Earl is my witness with the kind of legs that put stockings out of business. I went home. I kissed my girl on the cheek, but in the back of my mind was this big butt freak. I fat my girl down. I could not hold it in, and that is when I said to her, with a devilish grin. Tina got a big old butt.

Matthew: That was a perfect Segway.

Becky: Yeah, then it goes on. I know I told you I would be true. But Tina got a big old butt, so I’m leaving you. So this is LL Cool J, big old butt.


Matthew: This is LL Cool J?


Becky: Oh, my God. He has another one called Backseat in my Jeep, which is another one of my favourites, one of the lyrics said. It is like backseat of my Jeep. We swing an ep. So you could not say episode, he had to shorten it down to ep to sound hard.


Matthew: Wow


Becky: But yes, the whole song has him bouncing around from girl to girl with big old butts. So then, he moves on to I believe it is Brenda. Who he met at high school. Mm hmm.


Matthew: That’s, you know, usually where this occurs.


Becky: Then he goes to Red Lop, so he started at the mall. Then he goes to the high school.


Matthew: Have we confirmed that he too is in high school?


Becky: Oh, I don’t think so at this time.


Matthew: Oh, yikes.


Becky: Yeah. Mm hmm. He went to the high school about three o’clock. So clearly, he is not in high school.


Matthew: Oh.


Becky: To try and catch cutie. Riding my jock.


Matthew: That is a popular line.


Becky: I have not heard that a long time. She had that kind of booty that I always remember. I would say to my man, stop the jeep. She is only 17, but yo, don’t sleep. So again, I have a theme for this series, apparently.


Matthew: You sure you do. I like 2008. You like rape song.


Becky: Yeah. I don’t know what it is. Then he put the big booty on a bearskin rug.


Matthew: Wow! Why the fuck does, he have a bearskin rug?


Becky: He got satin sheets and a bearskin rug. LL…


Matthew: He just fuck so much.


Becky: He is on point as far as like 70s porn house.


Matthew: Easily. He call Hugh Hefner and I was like, can I fuck as many girls in your house as possible?


Becky: Yeah. I like I scope the booty like a big game hunter. I said to the girl, you, you look tired. Let’s go get some rest. Relax by the fire.


Matthew: Oh, okay. Naked.


Becky: Apparently.


Matthew: But that is a terrible way to lay naked, because let us all remember that fires only come in one direction.


Becky: Yes, so half of you is sweating to death. The other half is freezing and you are on a bearskin rug. So now, half of you is sweating with bear fur stuck to you. Everything about this is wrong.


Matthew: That is so erotic.

Becky: Then if you move to like the satin she. She just like right off. like nothing about it is good. Yeah. Oh, he also grabbed a pack of bullets and pulled out the steel. So how about that?


Matthew: The steel?


Becky? How about that for slang for putting a condom on?


Matthew: Okay.


Becky: Yep. Then he gets back, and he goes to Tina. I am going with Brenda now because she got a big old butt. So he’s leaving you.


Matthew: Wow!


Becky: Later on, he goes to Red Lobster. For shrimp and steak, as it says, it must be the next day because we are at lunchtime now, because this is around the time when the waitresses are on lunch break. You know, he is hanging his bro, then he meet Lisa, one thing leads to another. And he’s got to tell Brenda.


Matthew: It is time for her to go.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Wait! What is the name of the song? Remind me.


Becky: Big ole butt.


Matthew: Big ole butt. It is just butt?


Becky: This was on the radio.


Matthew: Constantly.


Becky: Yeah, I remember this. Yeah.


Matthew: This is…


Becky: Big ole butt.


Matthew: Fascinating.


Becky: Hmmm. LL Cool J 1989.


Matthew: Assinating that is what I am going to call it.


Becky: It is assinating. I mean, he just. You know, I out and about. Maybe pulled in the parking lot, and parked his car. Somebody shouted out. I don’t care who you are, I pay no attention. I walk inside because Brian had a nine and he was chilling in the ride. I got to be honest, I don’t know what the hell that means.


Matthew: That is so weird.


Becky: Shrimp and Steak was not the only thing cooking.


Matthew: What?


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Although this does make you feel better that like consistently hip-hop artist, do you go to Red Lobster after they are fucking because, you know, Beyoncé is like… like,


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Fuck him so good. I don’t remember.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Basically the sex so good that she’s like, I take his ass to Red Lobster and now turns out LL Cool J originated the like lets go to lobster.


Becky: I feel Beyoncé is lying on this one.


Matthew: She would never…


Becky: Jay Z…..Red Lobster.


Matthew: There are multiple things like really…


Becky: For reals, yeah. But this girl Lisa was like, you got a girl and it don’t matter. You are looking tastier than a piping hot pizza. Then he of course, I don’t know why this was something he thought the ladies are going to enjoy this line. When she walked out the door, I threw my tongue down her throat.


Matthew: Ewe.


Becky: No.


Matthew: Also, that is a terrible verb for it. Like I threw it down her throat.


Becky: I don’t want you touching my tonsils. The doctor is the old one who should be touching my tonsils and my uvula, and I love that term uvula.


Matthew: Even there on him fucking ice when they touch your tonsils.


Becky: Yeah. Dentist if necessary. No. And of course, this is the 80s. Late 80s after he has done his business. He grabs his pants and put on his kangol.


Matthew: Wow. It is the 80s.


Becky: Yeah. Then who did I see? Oh, yow it was Brenda. Yow, she worked at Red Lobster but I did not remember.


Matthew: Wow!


Becky: Lisa got a big ole butt.

Matthew: Wait, he bring Lisa to Red Lobster.


Becky: He picked up Lisa a Red Lobster, but forgot Brenda also worked at Red Lobster.


Mathew: LL Cool J, what the hell are you doing.


Becky: I mean you just getting yourself into a train wreck. Yeah-Big Ole Butt.


Matthew: Wow! That is…


Becky: I can still hear the whole thing in my head. Brenda got a big ole butt it is awesome. I will listen to it tomorrow at work.


Matthew: See what I appreciate. I feel like with very few exceptions, most of the songs that we choose are so lovable.


Becky: Oh, I am still going to listen to him.


Matthew: In spite of the bad lyrics.


Becky: Except for two. The first one we did. Which is that James Arthur piece of trash.


Matthew: Yes.


Becky: That one, never. Like I will listen to it because I am being forced to. Because somebody wants to see me go what the fuck is? Does anyone not listen to this.


Matthew: Is anyone hearing this?


Becky: Yeah. Then there is another song. That is right up there for me. That every time it comes on I am like no. There is no way, no how, nope.


Matthew: What is it?


Becky: Oh, you will find out because it is going to be, I think, on our next episode.


Matthew: Oh, this will be interesting.


Becky: Yeah, yes.


Matthew: Actually. You know what. I realized we mistakenly forgot to do for our last episode.  We need to give…


Becky: We keep doing this.


Matthew: We have to assign a yikes.


Becky: We did not assign a yikes. Then we also forgot that we do have a Web site.


Matthew: You, know what? People who are bingeing this up.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: You will been binge these episode…


Becky: And you will know. It is just I mean, really make sense.


Matthew: Exactly.


Becky: The yikes factor on this one for me. Oh God. I love it.


Matthew: Yeah. That is the thing where it is like honestly.


Becky: Hmm.


Matthew: Well, it depends. Right. Because it is like infidelity.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: That is not pleasant. But lyrics purely on lyrics alone. I think that is where we have to go with.


Becky: It is a little like that holiday song. Baby its cold outside where people like, oh, my God, that is awful.


Matthew: Oh, yes.


Becky: We should never play it again, but we remove it out of the context of the time that it was done in. And granted, it’s never okay to be pushy with a woman at the same time. Is 1940s much like shipoopi with 1950s. It is not like somebody is writing up, redoing shipoopi.


Matthew: To make it…


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Hip and also consensual.


Becky: Though maybe I will give it a go.


Matthew: I hope you do.


Becky: I am going to do the female version of it.


Matthew: He poufy?


Becky: What would that be? Oh, no.


Matthew: He is shitty.


Becky: Oh that, I am writing it down. He is shitty. Okay I am writing down he is shitty, and then this is my assignment. Okay, it is going to take a while, but I will come up with something.


Matthew: Love it. That should be the season finally.


Becky: [Inaudible 00:30:35] shitty.

Matthew: Debuting.


Becky: Oh, if only I knew someone who could get like Peter Griffin to read it. It would be amazing. Yeah, so on the yike scale. For me, I just…sigh, [Inaudible 00:30:56] is a tough one for me because I have seen interviews and he’s just Mr. Positive.


Matthew: I know.


Becky: So you cant really hate him, but God. His lyrics are awful.


Matthew: The lyrics are bad. I give it, trying to be unbiased, but I can’t.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Like I would say a solid 3, I’m almost out of 4. But the positivity and honestly the rest of it is like huh! Most of this is in Spanish. You just mistakenly said that you wanted to fuck a donkey with a monkey around or on the donkey.


Becky: Yeah, Maybe it is just the setting. He did not express what the setting was. Like they are out on a beach, some tropical beach where there is wild animals.


Matthew: That is true, and also, I feel like it’s one of those things where it’s like Pitbull is the Tobias Funke of hip hop.


Becky: Really? He is.


Matthew: Because he said shit where he is like, oh, I want it. It sounds like he wants to fuck this animal. But really, it’s like I just blow myself.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: That is the equivalent.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: I just blew myself.


Becky: Yeah, I think you are right. I think he is. Yeah.

Matthew: So I will give it a three.


Becky: See, I am going four. I feel like he’s never really offended, like he’s not. There is nothing super offensive about it. Like the donkey, butt thing is probably the worst. But that kind of rolls back on him,

I mean.


Matthew: He did let these lyrics…..he both…


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Helped write and perform these lyrics.


Becky: Yeah. I am going with a four on that one.


Matthew: [Inaudible 00:32:30]


Becky: LL Cool J on the other hand. He is like right up there. I am going with like one is like the end all be all the yuck factor. Is that what we said before? I probably do it all around.


Matthew: No. I forget… honestly I do also forget what the scale is. For the purposes of this podcast and moving forward.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: One is the worst. Five is the least offensive.


Becky: I am saying Pitbull is low grade offensive.


Matthew: Yes, okay. I would agree.


Becky: Yeah. On the scale, he is low grade. LL Cool J In the 80s, full on offensive like that whole song is epically like wow! In every way. I feel like I need a crying game shower after listening that. Also same deal with backseat of my jeep. But I still listen to them.


Matthew: You got to love them.


Becky: Kind of Religiously. Yeah, so I would give them. Backseat of my jeep, which I really wish I had kind of done too. And big ole butt more like two for me.

Matthew: Okay, see I was leaning much more toward four for with this.


Becky: Oh!


Matthew: I will say I am a product if nothing but of my generation.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: You have to remember, like, boom. Twenty-three. Robin Thicke Blurred Lines come out.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: Suddenly someone being like I am having sex with a lot of these women and in really inconvenient places. But I’m only referring to their butt, I’m referring to their butts as butts and not like she’s got a fine ass on her like a donkey.


Becky: Yeah.


Matthew: So I am kind of like this is heart-warming. He is only calling it a butt. And, you know, it’s like he is problematic in different ways, but not as bad as…


Becky: Oh.


Matthew: You know, raping people, raping and pillaging.


Becky: Yeah, he was definitely rapey. Yeah, I’m going…  


Matthew: I like spread, though.


Becky: Apparently so did LL Cool J. Seems to be a common theme in the rap.


Matthew: They all like the spread.


Becky: Even some of the ladies. Yeah. God, I am trying to think who is the one. There was one Lil Kim who you can’t even… doesn’t even look like she used to. I was like that’s not a Lil Kim. Oh, my God, it is. Yeah, she liked the spread, so to speak.


Matthew: Oh, I agree. But I feel like this is product. I feel like we hit some high notes in hip-hop.

Becky: Yes. We went with the tried and true. The old school, like one of the godfathers of hip-hop, sort of. More popular hip-hop.


Matthew: And one of the parasite’s.


Becky: Yes. Exactly I mean, God love your Pitbull.


Matthew: But is he even making music? I am sure he is.


Becky: Guarantee tomorrow we will be like, oh…


Matthew: The newest Pitbull song.  


Becky: He just drop the deuce, so to speak.  That is kind of wrapping it up on the hip-hop. Oh, I pull a dad joke. Next time, we are just going rogue and we are picking whatever, the hell we want. And I will tell you, I have a doozy.


Matthew: I have no doubts. Oh, I should have thought of No Doubt.


Becky: No


Matthew: [Inaudible 00:36:06] hole But we will save that for next.


Becky: Oh, all right. So next time it is our free for all. And we will talk to you guys then.


[Music playing]


[End 00:36:35]

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