Episode 6 – Party Anthems.  This episode Becky and Matthew talk about what makes a Party Anthem.  Is it the repetitive lyrics?  A good dance beat?  Or perhaps just a call to get drunk and rowdy.  One song is from the 1987 (guess who’s pick that was) and the other song is from 2009.


                                                                               PARTY ANTHEMS

BECKY 0:07 

Welcome to what the lyric, the podcast that confirms Yeah, that actually made it to radio.


BECKY 0:22 

Well hello everybody welcome to what the lyric, today we’re talking party anthems. Again I took that to mean any song that everyone will sing along to. Or like the end all be all karaoke because there’s always those karaoke songs that everyone busts out or the end of the night the drunkies all sing together slurred speech and all



Now tell me what is your familiarity with parties slash karaoke?


BECKY 0:56 

Uh, not really karaoke so much but I have I’ve been to a number of parties in my day, mostly in my younger days. I don’t do like the parties, you know, much.



You don’t get swasted?


BECKY 1:09

Oh god, no. If I get wasted now it takes me like a week to recover. We went to go, a friend of mine and I went to go see a show. We each had one drink. The show is on a Thursday night when it was like a beer because we’re not that kind of people. Show is on a Thursday night, we both walked into work the next day, and we’re like, we should have taken today off.


BECKY 1:31 

That’s how bad it was. So yeah,



Well, well done


BECKY 1:37 

 Back in the day. I did. I did boot and rally once.



No idea what that means.


BECKY 1:43 

Oh, so when you boot and rally means you’ve thrown up. And then you just get right back on the horse and start drinking again.



Oh, I see the horse boots ya and you rally,


BECKY 1:55 

You boot as in throw up and then you rally and you go back party. That was also the same time that I said, I could totally do a triathlon and then ended up doing having to do a triathlon. Not that same day, but like two years later I yeah.



That’s pretty rough.


BECKY 2:16 

Yeah, that was about 10 years ago.



Nope I’m not a party-er I’m a big old square generally. I just value sleep entirely too much. I love the taste alcohol. And like I’m a generally fun drunk, but my God, that for sleeping is like totally the worst. I’m trying to think of like the worst drunk I’ve ever been. Well, couple events.


BECKY 2:46 

I know. I was like, oh I got a few.



I think the dumbest one. I think the one that really encapsulates how I party may actually shape the song that I’ve chosen is the fact that I got horrifically drunk at Fourth of July like a couple of years ago, also is very stupid.


BECKY 3:04 

Please tell me Star Spangled Banner is your song?



Yes. No, it’s what’s the one that everyone has to listen to every Fourth of July. Born in the USA?


BECKY 3:13 

Yeah. Oh, fabulous.



Born in the USA. But really what happened, I am incredibly pale. I lose water like nobody’s business there was a rooftop party. They had no water, just alcohol. So for the entire day, I had no water and was only drinking alcohol until like midnight and I’m like, Why do I feel so ill? That’s weird. Oh, I’m incredibly dehydrated. And you know, thank God, but I really, as I laid on that cold bathroom tile floor. I was like, I’m going to die here.


BECKY 3:50 

Ah, that was me with kidney stones. So I know is the cold floor. And I’m going to die here. But yes, I feel you.


BECKY 3:59 

 I feel very sane and I appreciate.


BECKY 4:02 

Similar pain Yeah.Oh God never kidney stones.


BECKY 4:09 

 I know I have gone last time so I’m very curious to know.


BECKY 4:15 

So I will say aside from the signing up for a triathlon drunk, the boot and rally drunk, probably the second most popular time is when I said we were in Australia. I’m totally naming my first kid after this club and the night we were there was kinky disco, which is now I have a cat by the name of kinky disco.



I had no idea.


BECKY 4:41 

You did not know that. Yes, I my I’d gone with a friend of mine who eventually became my roommate. And we, I had said, Oh my God, this place is so great. I’m totally naming my first kid after that, and then we got a cat, Jimbo. And then she said Jimbo was lonely. And somehow convinced me to go to one of those pet adoption things and then she said you can name it whatever you want. And she picked out Kinks original name was pumpkin. blech, well Yeah. And so we get her in the car and she goes, what are you going to name her? And I was like, you know what’s coming and she said, “No I don’t know.. oh shit.” and I went kinky disco. And so for roughly 16 years kinky disco has been and she’s lived up to her name. So that’s, that’s probably the two times the two really good times I’ve been.



Then I cannot wait to know what song you chose based purely on the times that you’ve been schwasted.


BECKY 5:48 

So I picked I’m going to just start reading the lyrics it’s from eighty eight.



Oh, again preconception for me.


BECKY 5:56 

You might know it from the movie. It was in a movie



Would giving me the movie title give it away.


BECKY 6:02 

It might



 Okay then don’t


BECKY 6:03 

But you might have also not seen it because you’re young enough where you might – Footloose which I saw so many times in theatre. When I wake up well, I know I’m going to be I’m going to be the man who wakes up next to you.



Yep. Now oh wait is it I forgot where the are there parentheses in the title?


BECKY 6:27 

there are.  When I go out yeah I know I’m going to be I’m going to be a man who goes along with you



The proclaimers


BECKY 6:34 




I’m like is it I’m gonna be in parentheses 500 miles. 


BECKY 6:37 

I’m going to be 500 miles Yeah, yeah. And I love this song mainly because it only came to me like at 5pm last night and we are recording at 3:30pm I was driving from doing my errands and this song came on and I first outing do when I wake up will I’m going to be I’m going to be the body’s waked up a few because everyone does a shitty Scottish accent. And then


BECKY 7:09 

Once it gets to the chorus it’s the but I would walk 500 miles, you know, however, I did every version of that accent through the entire song the whole drive home. I’m sure people were like what is happening in that car?



That woman is having a stroke


BECKY 7:32 

But I would walk 500 miles. I love it. I love that. I can’t you can’t not do it. I also again, I’m going to when I’m,  if I get drunk Well, I know I’m going to be the man who gets drunk next to you. You won’t . I’m going to say it right now. You won’t. I don’t even know what haver up is. I have to look that up. Peter. I wish I could call you right now, but that would be rude to ask what haver up is because I know,



He probably knows.


BECKY 8:06 

 I know he told me one time. And then you know he’d  walk 500 miles and he’d walked 500 more, just to be the man who’d walk 1000 miles. Why don’t you just go with I would walk 1000 miles to be the man why’d you have to add the 500? Maybe because they were twins and there were two of them.



Ah, that’s true. Or did they know that, was it Vanessa Carlton was going to come along with 1000 miles?


BECKY 8:34 

 I have some issue with that song. That’s a personal issue that can be discussed off mic. Yeah, I uh oh, god, it just that song in a song just makes me happy. Oh, it’s talking, haver is talking foolishly or babbling. So if you’re talking nonsense, I’m going to be the man talking nonsense next to you. You’re Scottish I can’t understand a lick of what you’re saying anyways, so it doesn’t really matter.


BECKY 9:10 

I also like that when he says to fall down at your door so he’s walked 1000 miles



and died


BECKY 9:17 

and then just dropped because walking 1000 miles is a is a good distance. But I also like that he says when I’m working Yeah, I know I’m going to be I’m going to be the man who’s working hard for you. And when the money comes in for the work, I do all pass almost every penny on to you.



Okay, well that’s just being smart.


BECKY 9:41 

 Just got to buy new shoes. If he’s walking 500 miles you got to replace those things every so often.



I think that is reasonable…


BECKY 9:48 

Yep But I honestly, I spent the whole song doing But I would walk 500 miles. And I would walk 500 more. And then I would also duh duh duh da myself so the car doing a call repeat to myself so I’d be like duh duh duh da and then I kind of lean over a little bit further and be like duh duh duh da in my car while driving, so yes,


MATTHEW 10:27 

This one’s going to be hard to rate just because it’s like, I can’t hate this song.


BECKY 10:31 

You can’t cause everyone sings it. Everybody’s going to wake up.


BECKY 10:36 

No I’m going to be, I’m gonna be the man next to you. It’s the way that they sing it. And I love it so much and every time that I hear it


MATTHEW 10:47 

I mean, there are some bad lyrics that I have just so much tremendous goodwill toward it.


BECKY 10:51 

It’s so it’s so good. And then that the whole head bob thing. They’re like chickens pecking at the ground the way they’re


MATTHEW 10:59 

Like Scottish


BECKY 11:00 

Just furiously moving their necks and no, maybe it’s a Scottish thing. I don’t know.


MATTHEW 11:06 

One can assume.


BECKY 11:07 

Oh my god, I just it makes me happy.


MATTHEW 11:12 

I love that pick.


BECKY 11:14 

I also like, I just saw this one and if I grow old and then in parentheses, apparently the other brothers correcting the one when I grow old.


MATTHEW 11:23 

Oh, wow.


BECKY 11:24 

Well I know I’m going to be I’m going to be the man who’s growing old with you. Cute.


MATTHEW 11:29 

Yeah, but he’s going to die by the time he gets there.


BECKY 11:31 

 I know he’s fall down at your door. Uh, yeah. duh duh duh da


BECKY 11:39 

You know, if you were to just yell that out the window. Somebody else would be like duh duh duh da


MATTHEW 11:46 

They think they’re a wedding. They feel like for whatever reason. Oh, yeah, this is another wedding song.


BECKY 11:52 

This is Benny. This is from Benny in June. That’s where I remember seeing it. When it became really big. I bet you also if I yelled when I wake up



Oh yeah,


BECKY 11:57

somebody else would be like, Well, I know I’m going to be. Yeah. Well, I know I’m going to be I’m going to be the man who wakes up next to you.


MATTHEW 12:11 

Oh, that’s phenomenal.


BECKY 12:13 

That’s why I’m not an actor. I can’t do accents at all


MATTHEW 12:16 

I disagree. I think that’s one hell of an accent.


BECKY 12:22 

But I would walk … All comes from back in the throat.


MATTHEW 12:25 

I think the Scots would be inclined to agree.


BECKY 12:29 

It’s almost like I’m about to throw up but I’m choking it back.


MATTHEW 12:34 

From all the drinking you did.


BECKY 12:36 

Yeah. And if I haver up, which I would assume is throw up but apparently it’s talked gibberish.


MATTHEW 12:46 

Not as well don’t. Well, but if you haver up, doesn’t that mean that you’re


BECKY 12:53 



MATTHEW 12:54 

Yeah, I was like, you’re just spewing nonsense. I was like, that just sounds like you drunk.


BECKY 12:59 

He already starting with the drunk he’s said when I wake up and then when he goes out,


MATTHEW 13:04 

Oh yeah,


BECKY 13:05 

 I’m going to be drunk and then he’s haver and


MATTHEW 13:08 

I mean that makes sense is a logical progression.


BECKY 13:10 

It was I mean they at least work that one out pretty good yeah da da dun da da dun da dun dun dun dun dun


MATTHEW 13:17 

I would, I give this a four. If I was like the least this is a four. You didn’t try but then again my god you didn’t need to.  you have solved…


BECKY 13:30 

It’s really right there because everyone does this shitty Scottish accent but is nothing like these guys. Maybe this is my Halloween costume.



Oh please do.


Last year’s was hard to be beat. Oh, oh, I could probably I could figure it out. I mean, I did big ang last year. That’s a tough one to beat. Yeah, I don’t have to. I would have to answer the phone at work. That accent? When I wake up.  I can’t even do it. I got to listen to them sing it.


MATTHEW 14:06 

You can do it to the beat.


BECKY 14:07 

 And only do it to this song. That would be hilarious. Can I help you – duh duh duh da?


MATTHEW 14:15 

And the other person’s like, yes duh duh duh da.


BECKY 14:18 

I will only help you if you can answer this duh duh duh da


MATTHEW 14:23 

Here’s a riddle when I wake up, and they just pause and wait for them to see a can answer.


BECKY 14:29 

Well, I know I’m going to be?  I can’t help you. I cannot help you. If you don’t get this duh duh duh da Click.


MATTHEW 14:39 

That’ll have to be a ringtone.


BECKY 14:40 

Oh my god. It might I might make it my ringtone now cut I honestly entertained myself for I don’t know the songs. What? Three and a half minutes.


MATTHEW 14:50 

Oh, well, it’s perfect. It’s also an I don’t know if this is a decent segue, but this it will be a segue nonetheleast. I see the repetition between ours is like a good match. Yeah. And what is slightly infuriating is like last time did MacArthur Park broke out of the 2008? Till, like, 2008 streak back in 2009.



BECKY 15:10 

Oh, right. Okay.


MATTHEW 15:11 

Very slight distinction.


BECKY 15:20 

All right. Well, I broke out of the me to movement.


MATTHEW 15:23 

That is true.


BECKY 15:25 

I mean, he just got drunk and was little, like, was a little stalker-y


MATTHEW 15:27 

but that maybe they were in a long term relationship and already ready. He doesn’t have any miles. he did walk there.


BECKY 15:36 

That could be it.


MATTHEW 15:37 

 So I chose one. And the title is the chorus. And its one word, which I feel like is unfair, and potentially too many clues. But I’ve tried to find lyrics that are not


BECKY 15:52 






BECKY 15:55 

 Is that a band or just a singer?


MATTHEW 15:57 



BECKY 15:58 

Okay. All right.


MATTHEW 16:01 

And featuring someone but honestly I didn’t realize who is featuring. It starts off with if you not drunk ladies and gentlemen get ready to get fucked up.


BECKY 16:13 



MATTHEW 16:16 

Yes, and I can’t say the next line because includes the band’s name


BECKY 16:18 



MATTHEW 16:19 

But the person who’s featuring his little john so then they say, you know what, lil’ john Yeah.


BECKY 16:27 

Get down for what is it that like turned out for what? No.


MATTHEW 16:32 

No,  All of the alcoholics were you at let’s go


BECKY 16:38 

Oh so good so far


MATTHEW 16:40 

right? So it’s fantastic. When I walk in the club, all eyes on me. I’m with the party rock crew.


BECKY 16:48

Oh, is it the…


MATTHEW 16:50 

All drinks are free


BECKY 16:51 

It the father son duo a… Why can’t I think of the name of them?


MATTHEW 16:57 

 I don’t think their father son.


BECKY 17:00 

 Oh god, why can’t I think of who they are? They had the party anthem Song.


MATTHEW 16:57 



BECKY 17:00 

Sexy and you know it? Yeah, it’s a father song I believe.


MATTHEW 17:11 

Are you serious?


BECKY 17:12 

I will look it up while you’re while you’re continuing.



You’re correct. It is LMFAO,


BECKY 17:15



MATTHEW 17:18 

And what I thought about going with, Party Rock Anthem, but I was like, No, no, if we’re talking party rock anthems or party anthems, that’s just too That’s too on the nose. So I went with the one that goes Shot shot shot shots shot shot shots. Yeah.


BECKY 17:38 

Oh, it’s an uncle and a nephew.



Okay, well, that’s basically


 BECKY 17:42 

a little better. Yeah. Yeah.


MATTHEW 17:45 

And I mean, it is a party song everyone’s trying to get wasted.


BECKY 17:50

Oh, yeah


MATTHEW 17:51 

everyone, easily you sing along party for your drunk. All you have to do is yell there are no music to it. You just yell shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, and shot, shot.


BECKY 18:00 

 I also like when I called them up the first photo is the one guy’s wearing a shirt that says I’m in Miami bitch. But then it says performing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


MATTHEW 18:11 

You know what’s to say? Like dress for the job you want? Yeah, for the job.


BECKY 18:15 

Here we go.


MATTHEW 18:16 

He wants to be in Miami.


BECKY 18:17 

Oh my god. Yeah.


BECKY 18:19 



BECKY 18:20 

Oh my god. Yeah. Who else was in this who?


MATTHEW 18:23 

Well, little john is featured but I just love that. Like they lean in hard to all this. all of the alcoholics Where are you at? They know their audience got to love that. And also, they’re already saying like, even if you’re not an alcoholic, if you’re not drunk, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get fucked up. And I’m like,


BECKY 18:41 

Yeah, this is happening.


MATTHEW 18:43 

All drinks are free with the party rock crew, which I’m like, that’s very kind of you. Then they go into the first round of shots, shots. Shots, so, perfect. But then it starts to get you know where Becky didn’t Wade into the me to movement. Yeah, this one certainly does because the next round says are you ready? Are you ready? Oh, they stopped us for us. Okay,


BECKY 19:13 

Thank you Seattle PD.


MATTHEW 19:17 

The ladies…


BECKY 19:18 

Probably arresting someone outside the building. It’s fine.


MATTHEW 19:20 

They’re already here. The ladies love us when we pour shots and I was like, Yeah, they’re for free. That’s fine. They need an excuse to suck our cocks


BECKY 19:37 

also probably true. I was like

Can I just say me, written with his nephew? That’s all I’m saying. Like


MATTHEW 19:43 

That really changes the song for me. Well, actually, I mean, yeah, honestly, I didn’t realize that was lyric. So this is this was a transformative experience for me. Because I’m like, they need an excuse to suck our cocks and I was like I don’t know many men, but I don’t think there was there ever is a man who needs an excuse from one to be like, Can I suck your dick?I think that if…


BECKY 20:14 

I won’t I don’t know anyone who turned that down.


MATTHEW 20:16 

Straight forward was like, hey, put this out here,


BECKY 20:20 

Like a little attraction maybe didn’t have to be fully attracted to you may be like, yeah, okay,


MATTHEW 20:26 

Fair. Yeah, I’ll take it anyway,


BECKY 20:28 

You’re right. Yep. Sure.


MATTHEW 20:30 

But then they don’t answer whether or not they accept it. They just say we came to get drunk. How about you? I’m like, ooh, well, all are drunk. Why are you giving them…?


BECKY 20:40 

Probably safe to assume accepted. I’m just saying.


MATTHEW 20:43 

I think that’s


BECKY 20:44 

Safe to assume


MATTHEW 20:45 



BECKY 20:46 



MATTHEW 20:46 

Ah. And then it’s so you know, now where am I alcoholics Let me see a hands up and I was like, fair, anyone who’s here probably schwasted particularly if it’s at a wedding


BECKY 20:58 

And then this way, they can pick their pockets. to pay for the booze


MATTHEW 21:03 

Oh, absolutely. Oh, wait, also. I mean, it’s more just like I love giving people drinks and like, that’s a very sweet sentence.


BECKY 21:12

Yeah.  That’s lovely of you.


MATTHEW 21:13 

Also benefit oral from them being wasted. Yeah, which is uncomfortable. And then even worse, but very much on par is that the women come around every time I’m pouring. Well, that just seems accurate. I’d want a free drink. Their panties hit the ground every time I give them shots.


BECKY 21:34 

It could just be that by some weird kind of odd universe thing. That that’s the only place that elastic just breaks and like that’s why  their panties. Like the trees of mystery, or you go to one of those places. Yeah. Yeah, maybe that’s what it is. It’s like the club version of like, the trees of mystery. That’s the only place where everyone’s like elastic breaks in there. Yeah,


MATTHEW 22:06 

 Which I think it’s true. And then you know, it. Shots I thought it was just an up heart like upbeat song about people wanting to get drunk. I think that’s true. But then the final some of the final lines are now Sam fucked up and then responses. I’m fucked up. Fantastic. But then they’re saying, I’m fucked up. I and then response I’m fucked up. So you’re like I get I get the gist here and then they say I’m trying to fuck. Everyone responds I’m trying to fuck. I’m trying to fuck. I’m trying to fuck.


BECKY 22:42 

So you picked the me to movement song


MATTHEW 22:45 

I did. I Sheryl Sandberg’d it? Where was she the one who leaned in?


BECKY 22:48 

 I can’t remember.


MATTHEW 22:50 

I think its Sandberg San something. It’s a Sheryl. It’s not the one who wrote into the wild or whatever. Oh,


BECKY 23:01 

Yeah, see, they’re calling response isn’t nearly as good as duh duh duh da .


 MATTHEW 23.10 

Yeah, no, I’m inclined agree with you.


 BECKY 23:12 

you can get better than duh duh duh da or a really awful Scottish accent.


MATTHEW 23:15 

But I would argue that if outside this one day you were to yell Shots, shots, shots.


BECKY 23:19 

Oh, yeah. Especially outside this window, because there’s a bar right downstairs.


MATTHEW 23:24 

Everyone would can either chime in, or when you stop them go everybody.


BECKY 23:31 

Yeah. Yeah.


BECKY 23:33 

But again, there is a bar downstairs


MATTHEW 23:36 

It’s a biased sample.


BECKY 23:37 

Yeah. Yeah, I bet you we probably could. I bet you. Yeah. Yeah,


MATTHEW 23:43 

 That’s what I’m thinking. So I mean…


BECKY 23:46 

 I think we’re both equally good. I say mine’s more a little bit on the fun, wholesome side of things. So it’s less on the yuck scale for me.


MATTHEW 23:58 

I agree. I mean, there both probably I would even bump mine to a three.


BECKY 24:05 



MATTHEW 24:05 

It’s it. It cannot be a four. Yeah, I’m trying to fuck and also women need an excuse to suck my cock.


BECKY 24:13 

 I think what makes mine on the yuck scale is the people who sing along like I did with the shitty shitty accent along with it. So the I would walk 500 miles and I would walk that makes it shitty? or yucky, but really, it makes it a whole lot fun. So I would say this is like a one depending on which drunk tries to do there


MATTHEW 24:47 

Oh wait…


BECKY 24:48 

There accent


MATTHEW 24:49 

As our scale change,


BECKY 24:50 

I can’t remember now where I’m with. It’s low. It’s a low Yeah, factor.


MATTHEW 24:57 

Like Yeah, low Yikes. Lower Yeah.


BECKY 25:01 

Yikes Yeah. Oh my god.


MATTHEW 25:04 

We haven’t had caffeine okay. Yeah, that’s


BECKY 25:06 

That’s exactly what’s happened I just realized I have not had caffeine all day. Geez No wonder.


MATTHEW 25:12 

How are you alive? It’s nearly 4pm


BECKY 25:15 

Considering at work I drink death wish coffee. It is difficult.


MATTHEW 25:22 

You’re going to crash at 6pm.


BECKY 25:24 

I probably will in the middle of that opera.


BECKY 25:27 

Please watch it please watch….


BECKY 25:28 

 Paris Hilton.


BECKY 25:31 

Yeah, uh, yeah. Oh my god. That’s why I was like, why am I yawning? No death wish.


BECKY 25:39 

Oh death wish coffee. If you want to sponsor us too, I’d really appreciate that. Oh, because I tots love your coffee. And I’m from the same area. So let’s chat death wish


SPEAKER  25:53 

Give us a call. You don’t know our number. But you know our website.


BECKY 25:56 

You’ve got the website, which is whatthelyric.com


MATTHEW 26:02 

Fantastic Yeah,


BECKY 26:03 

Now do we know do we know what…?


BECKY 26:05 

 I can’t remember what it was next time? That’s awful


MATTHEW 26:10 



BECKY 26:12

I left the house clearly no death wish Coffee, no headphones,  I don’t even know what happened how I got here .Yeah, so……


MATTHEW 26:22 

We’re hoping you’re not having a collective stroke like we are but


BECKY 26:25 

You might be


MATTHEW 26:26 

But if you are hopefully you’re enjoying it. We will have more episodes to come.


BECKY 26:31 

 I think we have what three left that we decided.


MATTHEW 26:35 



BECKY 26:35 

Oh boy.


MATTHEW 26:36 

 Let’s take a look. Well we’ll post it on the web.


BECKY 26:39 

Yes. Well I’ll all up? I still have to put the picture up of the rock aka.


MATTHEW 26:45 

I did look that up and can confirm it is you’re….


BECKY 26:51 

Yeah. I almost want to shout out to the rock and say are you guys related?  Could you confirm or deny Please.


MATTHEW 27:01 

 I think he’d appreciate it. If he ever saw….


BECKY 27:02 

 I think he went to he seems like a guy’s got a good sense of humour about himself. I mean, you’d have to if you work for the WWE/F, whatever they are now, says the girl who went when one year for Valentine’s Day. So amazing. It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. So that has to tell you about my dating life. And I was not seeing anyone at the time. My friend Ken took me. Thank you, Ken. You are the best ever. Yeah, we had seats that were like two rows back from the actual ring.Epic.


MATTHEW 27:36 

 That is phenomenal.


BECKY 27:38 

 It was amazing. I yeah. Again, haven’t had a better Valentine’s Day.


MATTHEW 27:45 

And never will. And would argue that you can’t top up.


BECKY 27:49 

Now. You really can’t. It’s


BECKY 27:51 

It was your top.


BECKY 27:54 

Yeah. And on that note,


MATTHEW 27:56 

Well, thank you all.


BECKY 27:58 

We will talk to you again. Soon


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